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Black Friday, Featuring Kendrick and J. Cole

By: Connor Lenahan Who knew Christmas was actually going to be on November 27th this year? While most of the country was out shopping to their heart’s content, two of the biggest names… Continue reading

Missy Elliott is Back

By: Connor Lenahan Missy Elliott’s surprise return to the world of music at this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show is probably still one of my favorite moments of 2015. Missy is responsible for… Continue reading

Shea Serrano’s Revolution

By: Connor Lenahan Shea Serrano is a New York Times best selling author. How he got there is relatively amazing. Serrano is best known for one of two things. Either for his writing… Continue reading

Meow the Jewels

By: Connor Lenahan Last year for the release of their second album,┬áRun the Jewels 2, Killer Mike & El-P decided to feature a special preorder for dedicated fans. If you paid tens of… Continue reading

Bruno Mars Halftime Show #2?

By: Connor Lenahan I think it’s fair to say we have had an interesting run of Super Bowl halftime performers in the last eleven years. Unrelated to this article I recently looked and… Continue reading

Four Pink Walls

By: Connor Lenahan A few weeks ago I wrote about how Alessia Cara was due to be a genuine star. If you recall, I cited her performance on her song “Here,” which is… Continue reading

When No One Knows Your Favorite Band

By: Connor Lenahan It’s an odd phenomenon to have your favorite band be one that none of your friends have ever heard of. Despite how much I write or talk about Kanye West,… Continue reading

The Next Star

By: Connor Lenahan There’s a more than decent chance that you don’t know who Alessia Cara is. That really, really should not be the case. Why you ask? Because there’s a very good… Continue reading

The Orthopedic Doctor

By: Connor Lenahan The Foo Fighters took Fenway Park for a second night last night and brought along a special guest. A few months ago lead singer Dave Grohl broke his leg falling… Continue reading

The Guitar Throne

By: Connor Lenahan Not all that long ago Dave Grohl, lead singer and guitarist for the Foo Fighters, broke his leg after falling off stage during a concert. That wasn’t exactly a good… Continue reading