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Rock Band 4 is Going to Be Amazing

By: Connor Lenahan This week brings the annual E3 Expo showing the best and brightest of what’s to come in gaming. Or so I’m told. See, I’m the farthest thing from a conventional… Continue reading

Dave Grohl Stole My Job

By: Connor Lenahan This is about as fresh a story as I could ever hope to write about. The Foo Fighters are one of my absolute favorite bands and I can’t wait for… Continue reading


By: Connor Lenahan Chance the Rapper is one of the most genuinely fun rappers working today. He is an energetic, positive dude who also regularly puts out great music. His debut mixtape, Acid Rap, was… Continue reading

Iggy Can’t Sell Out

By: Connor Lenahan There are times where I will sit back and wonder if all the criticism and hate dropped on Iggy Azalea is warranted and fair. She’s just trying to be a… Continue reading

Boston Calling Weekend

By: Connor Lenahan This weekend is one of the best of the summer for Boston as once again Boston Calling festival is back. Twice a year there is a three day festival on… Continue reading

Nu Disco

By: Connor Lenahan Back when I was at my orientation at Boston University I ended up meeting a kid named Jean-Luc Lukunku. Jean-Luc and I almost immediately bonded over Jordans and Kanye West.… Continue reading

Paramore Live

By: Connor Lenahan Ever since I caught “Misery Business” for the first time, back when MTV actually showed music videos with some bit of regularity, I have been a Paramore fan. I wrote… Continue reading

Songs of the Week 4/26-5/2

By: Connor Lenahan Just in the last few minutes I put the finishing touches of formatting and editing on my last final paper. You are most likely standing in a small flood right… Continue reading

Songs of the Week: 4/18-4/25

By: Connor Lenahan Any and all efforts to try and understand my music taste will prove impossible. It makes no sense. One of my favorite things in the world is playing music for… Continue reading

10 Best: Foo Fighters

By: Connor Lenahan Nothing happens on Saturdays, or at least nothing that is incredibly interesting. It’s shocking that I’ve made it this far into writing Unbreakable daily (473 days in a row) while… Continue reading