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SAT Nightmares

By: Connor Lenahan You ever see a story and just immediately start getting nervous? Like, I will see things all the time on the internet that relate to close calls, or jump scares,… Continue reading

John Oliver vs. Big Testing

By: Connor Lenahan If you are not yet familiar with the fact that John Oliver is the absolute man, then do I have a treat for you. I have talked about testing in… Continue reading

Matt Pettinato, Unbreakable Tournament Champion

By: Connor Lenahan Weeks ago I opened up a competition on Unbreakable for the NCAA Tournament. I promised the winner an article in their honor here on the site. I didn’t forget. Instead,… Continue reading

I’m From Scranton. Yes, As In The Office.

By: Connor Lenahan Ten years ago yesterday the world of television comedy got much brighter. That’s because NBC had just premiered what would become one of its most iconic programs in history,┬áThe Office.… Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Tests

By: Connor Lenahan Before we say anything, I have to qualify my thoughts a bit. One thing will become very clear once you read my rambling, possibly incoherent, likely ridiculous theories about testing… Continue reading

Unbreakable Bracket Pool

By: Connor Lenahan Well it’s that glorious time of year yet again ladies and gentlemen. The NCAA Tournament is upon us and this means that between now and April 6th we get to… Continue reading

Few Days Back

By: Connor Lenahan It may only be a short stop before heading out west for a tiny vacation, but it feels really nice to be back home for the weekend. This is mainly… Continue reading


By: Connor Lenahan Penn State is crazy. I mean this in the absolute nicest way possible. After all, if I were of different physical capability there would be an overwhelmingly good chance that… Continue reading


By: Connor Lenahan My original goal for 2014 was to see if I could write an article every day for the entire year. With the sentence you are currently reading this goal has… Continue reading

Mini Me

By: Connor Lenahan I realize that I most likely overuse the phrase “I’m really old.” It’s probably at least semi-inaccurate given that I’m only 20 years old. I still feel that way. When… Continue reading