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Terrier Toddlers

By: Connor Lenahan I am old. Like, really old. Today was the day that the kids who decided to apply early decision for Boston University found out whether or not they got in.… Continue reading


By: Connor Lenahan Ladies and gentlemen we have reached that time yet again. Finals week is quickly approaching. It is going to be a harsh winter and a harsh testing season. That said… Continue reading

Stakes – Week 11

By: Connor Lenahan We have reached the critical point. With two games to go before the playoffs the stakes for each of the sixteen teams in the XFL have never been higher this… Continue reading

All In – Week 6

By: Connor Lenahan I was the one who offered the trade. I was the one who put it through. I’m the one who feels sick to his stomach over it. For this first… Continue reading

That Comeback

By: Connor Lenahan Penn State just lost to the Michigan Wolverines for the first time since I was in seventh grade. It’s been a long time for the Wolverines. Way longer than I… Continue reading

The Superstar

By: Connor Lenahan It’s incredible to think that Cory Spangenberg was picked to number ten overall by the San Diego Padres three years ago. I remember excitedly watching the draft waiting to see… Continue reading


By: Connor Lenahan Any time I watch a video that makes me laugh hysterically into a pillow and punch my bed I need to share it. When I find it on Gawker I… Continue reading

Ready to Learn

By: Connor Lenahan I’m about to say something that the elementary school, middle school, and high school versions of myself would disown me for: Can we just start the school year already? While… Continue reading

Partner In Crime

By: Connor Lenahan For someone crazy like myself, it’s important to have someone willing to join me in whatever general absurd situation I decide to take part in. There has been no one… Continue reading


By: Connor Lenahan A fire and friends. There are few better things in life. Great night tonight. Great night.