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The Ultimate Beanpot

By: Connor Lenahan I have been a Boston University student for three years and we haven’t beaten Boston College in hockey while I’ve been here. That is unacceptable and that is wrong. That… Continue reading

Buzzer Beater University

By: Connor Lenahan For the second time this week Boston University won on a walk off buzzer beater. Sunday it was John Papale, the Silent Assassin, who ended up #1 on the SportsCenter… Continue reading

College Jeopardy Season

By: Connor Lenahan So, sad news: I’m not on this year’s College¬†Jeopardy tournament. I know you all wanted to watch me destroy some philosophy majors from the Ive League in pop culture categories,… Continue reading

The Big Time

By: Connor Lenahan Yesterday, in the course of maybe five minutes, went from a lazy day avoiding the imminent snow to one of the biggest days of my career as a public address… Continue reading

Missing Snowpocalypse 2: Electric Boogaloo

By: Connor Lenahan Here’s something I didn’t think I’d get to write a few days ago, it’s not going to snow all that much in Boston this weekend. That was a sudden change… Continue reading

The Citgo Sign Dilemma

By: Connor Lenahan Breaking News: The building that supports Boston’s iconic Citgo Sign, owned by Boston University, is going to be put on sale in the near future. Also Breaking News: Wait, Boston… Continue reading

Trains Are Wonderful

By: Connor Lenahan Trains are an excellent way to travel any amount of distance. Just earlier this afternoon I snagged a train back to Boston and proceeded to have a relaxing time with… Continue reading

The 2015 Unbreakable Tournament

By: Connor Lenahan I’m not quite sure how we got to this point, but at midnight tonight I will have published an article on Unbreakable every day for two full years. Holy Shit.… Continue reading

Patrick McKay’s McBirthday

By: Connor Lenahan Twenty years ago today two parents in Pittsford, NY gained another son, and I, without realizing it, gained a roommate over a decade and a half later. Yes indeed, today… Continue reading

The Real Heisman Winner

By: Connor Lenahan As I write this I am listening to Alabama RB Derrick Henry give his victory speech for the 2015 Heisman Trophy. This is all well and good, except for the… Continue reading