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My BU Acting Debut

By: Connor Lenahan I cannot act for my life. At all. I don’t know why, but I just feel uncomfortable trying to not be me on camera. I almost died when I acted… Continue reading

Boston’s Best Secret

By: Connor Lenahan There’s a wonderful little secret in Boston. A place full of wonder and magic that is hidden in plain sight. And by “wonder” and “magic” I mean sneakers and streetwear.… Continue reading

Running For Emily

By: Connor Lenahan I remember the moment that I first heard the story. One of my best friends, Elyse Notarianni, was texting me keeping me company while I saw home with my broken… Continue reading

A Night With The Ruler

By: Connor Lenahan When you start a show by stating “I will not lose ever, fucker,” you know you’re in for something special. There’s a difference between me saying it and Jay Z… Continue reading

Back to Normal

By: Connor Lenahan Tonight is the night before classes begin again here at Boston U and there’s a bit of magic in the air. No, it’s not due to the fact I have… Continue reading

Coming Home

By: Connor Lenahan I missed my cramped dorm room. I missed the Citgo sign. I missed the Prudential Center. I missed Newbury Street. I missed Insomnia Cookies. I missed Warren Towers. I missed… Continue reading

Boston Bound

By: Connor Lenahan Before about 10 AM this morning, my plan was to head back to Boston University on Sunday morning to begin the second semester. Then I awoke to a text from… Continue reading

I Hate Snow

By: Connor Lenahan When it became a reality that I would be moving five hours north of my parents to Boston, they understandably were worried. I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta after all. I’m fragile… Continue reading

My Brothers

By: Connor Lenahan I wrote a couple of months ago about how the Boston University basketball team changed my life for the better. The guys on the team and everyone behind the scenes… Continue reading

My Favorite ATLien

By: Connor Lenahan I’ve been meaning to write about this story for months but never had the chance. This was the most insane night of my life and by far the coolest celebrity… Continue reading