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The Legendary JKohn

By: Connor Lenahan I’m pretty sure that I have known Jason Kohn for as long as my memory lasts. That’s the furthest thing from an exaggeration, because he has been a homie since… Continue reading

Farewell To This Delightful Season

By: Connor Lenahan Unfortunately the Terriers Men’s Ice Hockey season came to a close tonight. It wasn’t exactly the way we’d like to go out – which is to say we’d like to… Continue reading

Back to Announcing

By: Connor Lenahan I really have missed announcing games. This is, I believe, the longest non-summer break I have ever had to take from announcing by virtue of going on Spring Break, having… Continue reading

Spring? Lol Nope

By: Connor Lenahan Remember Spring Break? Wasn’t that just a wonderful time to be alive? You didn’t have to worry about much of anything. Hell, maybe you even got outside with a t-shirt… Continue reading

Getting Some Laughs

By: Connor Lenahan Unfortunately I did not win this year’s BU’s Funniest Competition, but that is entirely okay. That’s mainly because I think the amount I was sweating nervously before going on stage… Continue reading

BU’s Funniest 2016

By: Connor Lenahan I think I must just love to get myself into odd yet fun situations because here we are again. This Wednesday night I will be competing in the BU’s Funniest… Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Mo

By: Connor Lenahan Maurice Watson Jr. is one of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, let alone calling one of my best friends. He was one of the… Continue reading

Let’s Beat American

By: Connor Lenahan There’s not much left to say. Let’s beat American. Tomorrow, 7PM, in Case Gym.

Time for Revenge

By: Connor Lenahan Two years ago the Boston University Terriers had one of the best seasons in team history. In their first year in the Patriot League they went 15-3 in league play,… Continue reading

Nate and John

By: Connor Lenahan Today I got to announce two of my favorite people as they walked with their families out to be honored for Senior Day. Nate Dieudonne and John Papale both were… Continue reading