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Patrick McKay’s McBirthday

By: Connor Lenahan Twenty years ago today two parents in Pittsford, NY gained another son, and I, without realizing it, gained a roommate over a decade and a half later. Yes indeed, today… Continue reading

The Real Heisman Winner

By: Connor Lenahan As I write this I am listening to Alabama RB Derrick Henry give his victory speech for the 2015 Heisman Trophy. This is all well and good, except for the… Continue reading

Wait, Classes Are Over?

By: Connor Lenahan Wait you’re telling me I’m not waking up to an alarm tomorrow? But… but… I’ve got stuff to do, right? Certainly I have to go edit a movie for Production.… Continue reading

The Little Things Matter

By: Connor Lenahan As you can see above, I wear two leg braces every day. Thanks to broken lower legs suffered in 2009 and 2013 I wear the braces for a couple of… Continue reading

Oh Great, Now I’m Sick

By: Connor Lenahan Over the next week I have two final projects to turn in. Actually, maybe three. It’s a lot, no matter what. I also now have a head cold and don’t… Continue reading

Holidays Are Here

By: Connor Lenahan Boston University is one of the few schools amongst those attended by my friends and I that doesn’t get a week off for Thanksgiving. No, while my brother Chase, who… Continue reading

My Stand Up Debut

By: Connor Lenahan Last night at long last I got to do stand up at the Flat Waffle Comedy Hour and it went surprisingly well. Like, people laughed and everything! It was terrific,… Continue reading

Operation Wolverine

By: Connor Lenahan This is an interesting weekend to be a Boston University Terrier that grew up in Pennsylvania. Earlier tonight the BU Men’s Hockey team came back to beat the Michigan Wolverines… Continue reading

Unbreakable Podcast: Kaley Roberts – 11/15/15

By: Connor Lenahan The Unbreakable Podcast is back in action this week with Kaley Roberts. Kaley joined us to talk about her story of becoming NESN’s Next Producer, what she is going to… Continue reading

The Greatest Game

By: Connor Lenahan The final score never¬†really mattered. Watching and hearing Case Gym shake after every shot, every call, and every move was the most unreal experience of my life. I almost started… Continue reading