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Recreating “Homer at the Bat”

By: Connor Lenahan The following was my final essay for an interdisciplinary course about baseball at Boston University. Jonah Keri of Grantland helped inspire the project, and it the grandfather to this exercise. Read his… Continue reading

The Padre

By: Connor Lenahan Last year I wrote about Cory Spangenberg, the then San Diego Padres prospect/player who had brought a state title to my high school, Abington Heights, in 2009. This article, “The… Continue reading

Backyard Baseball

By: Connor Lenahan While I have had to spend roughly 75% of my time over the past week trapped in my room by the snow I have been productive. By “productive” I mean… Continue reading

Most Valuable Coast

By: Connor Lenahan For the past few years, just before they both exploded, my two favorite non-Derek Jeter baseball players have been Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels and Clayton Kershaw of… Continue reading

RIP Taveras

By: Connor Lenahan Dammit. What else is there to say right now? Dammit. Oscar Taveras was the top prospect for the St. Louis Cardinals. He was a potential MVP candidate that would be… Continue reading


By: Connor Lenahan For my entire life I have looked up to Derek Jeter. I have been raised to follow the example of a man who always competes to win, leads, and never… Continue reading

One More

By: Connor Lenahan When you get a text from your cousin offering you two tickets to a Red Sox-Yankees game at the last minute you don’t say no. I figured that this past… Continue reading

The Captain

By: Connor Lenahan Derek Jeter is my favorite athlete of all time. This isn’t a discussion. There isn’t a second place. There’s Jeter and then everyone else. I wasn’t raised a religion, I… Continue reading

The Superstar

By: Connor Lenahan It’s incredible to think that Cory Spangenberg was picked to number ten overall by the San Diego Padres three years ago. I remember excitedly watching the draft waiting to see… Continue reading

Return To Fenway

  By: Connor Lenahan Despite the fact that I’ve been living in Boston since mid-May for the summer I have not attended any games since the opening weekend of the season. This is… Continue reading