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Papale The Assassin

By: Connor Lenahan Okay new rule: Boston University is only allowed to play basketball when we are on national television. The last two times we have played and been broadcast from coast to… Continue reading

The 2015 Unbreakable Tournament

By: Connor Lenahan I’m not quite sure how we got to this point, but at midnight tonight I will have published an article on Unbreakable every day for two full years. Holy Shit.… Continue reading

The Greatest Game

By: Connor Lenahan The final score never┬áreally mattered. Watching and hearing Case Gym shake after every shot, every call, and every move was the most unreal experience of my life. I almost started… Continue reading

The Opener and The Rematch

By: Connor Lenahan “The game’s changed.” “The game didn’t change, just got more fierce.” Over a 24 hour period from Friday night to Saturday evening, arguably the two biggest sporting events for Boston… Continue reading

Madness Time

By: Connor Lenahan It’s here at last. Tonight, as I mentioned at length yesterday, is Terrier Madness. Tonight we will come together in Case Gymnasium in Boston University’s West Campus to kick off… Continue reading

Terrier Madness

By: Connor Lenahan Tomorrow night is what I have been waiting on for months now. Terrier Madness, the latest big project I’ve helped with over at Boston University Athletics, will go live at… Continue reading

Portland Bound

By: Connor Lenahan All night I’ve been waiting for the location for my buddy Rondae Hollis-Jefferson’s NBA journey and now we know. To my complete and utter joy, Rondae is heading to Portland… Continue reading

Game 7? Please?

By: Connor Lenahan I am totally okay with either the Cleveland Cavaliers or Golden State Warriors winning the NBA Finals. However this plays out will be a fun ending. I just don’t want… Continue reading

I Was Wrong, Sorry LeBron

By: Connor Lenahan Last weekend after hearing that Kyrie Irving had broken his kneecap in game one of the NBA Finals, thus causing him to be ruled out for the remainder of the… Continue reading

A Brand New Game

By: Connor Lenahan Here’s something that’s fairly embarrassing to admit: despite the fact that I’ve now been announcing Boston University basketball for the women’s basketball team for two years I still am not… Continue reading