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By: Connor Lenahan News broke earlier today about a conversation being held in the front office of the Philadelphia Eagles. It is a conversation that millions, including myself, have been hoping would happen… Continue reading


By: Connor Lenahan I don’t cry all that often. It’s not all that easy to bring me to tears. I normally have control. Then there are moments like the video above. There are… Continue reading

German Aggression

By: Connor Lenahan Due to the time change between Boston/Brazil and London, the scheduled kickoff for the World Cup semifinal tonight between Brazil and Germany was slated for 9PM my time. I, unfortunately,… Continue reading

President Howard

By: Connor Lenahan The picture above pretty much perfectly captures what happened this afternoon. Even though we lost to Belgium in the World Cup, thus ending the incredible run for the United States,… Continue reading

Saluting Michael Sam

By: Connor Lenahan I’ve been trying to figure out a way to word my reaction to the news about Michael Sam’s announcement tonight that he is gay for a while now. Sam just… Continue reading

About Last Night

By: Connor Lenahan I had a game plan. I had planned to dedicate my Sunday/Monday posts on the blog to the Super Bowl. I told my story of Shaun Alexander helping solidifying my… Continue reading

World Champs

  By: Connor Lenahan I’ve been waiting for eight years to be able to type the following sentence. The Seattle Seahawks have won the Super Bowl. It was a drubbing. It was hilarious.… Continue reading

When I Became A Seahawks Fan

By: Connor Lenahan In 2005 Seattle Seahawks legend Shaun Alexander won the NFL MVP after running for 1,880 yards and 27 TDs. That wasn’t a typo. Alexander actually rushed for 27 TDs that… Continue reading

My New Favorite NFL Player: Derrick Coleman

By: Connor Lenahan The other day I caught the Duracell commercial featuring Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman for the first time. I knew Coleman before the commercial due to my fandom of Seattle, but… Continue reading

Bill O’Brien’s Exit

By: Connor Lenahan A few hours before the conclusion of 2013 Bill O’Brien, head coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions, accepted an offer to become the head coach of the Houston Texans.… Continue reading