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Kelvin Goes Down

By: Connor Lenahan You know it’s the NFL season when injuries start rolling in from the preseason. Sure, Arian Foster was already injured in time to be documented on the first episode of… Continue reading

Merry Draftmas

By: Connor Lenahan Today is, was, and forever will be my favorite holiday. Not my birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Leif Ericsson Day, Halloween, or Easter – Draft Day was today for the XFL, the… Continue reading

Matt Pettinato, Unbreakable Tournament Champion

By: Connor Lenahan Weeks ago I opened up a competition on Unbreakable for the NCAA Tournament. I promised the winner an article in their honor here on the site. I didn’t forget. Instead,… Continue reading

Shady’s Gone

By: Connor Lenahan From an entertainment standpoint there hasn’t been a player much like LeSean McCoy in my time as a football fan. LeSean tends to absolutely destroy defenders by using only the… Continue reading

Super Bowl 8 – Week 15

By: Connor Lenahan Well, that was anticlimactic.┬áIt’s had to argue that our championship matchup, the Oklahoma City Lions and the Minnesota Buzzsaws, is the wrong one. This is because both teams won their… Continue reading

And Then There Were Four – Week 14

By: Connor Lenahan This may only be me, but this season for the XFL has been one of the more entertaining I’ve ever seen. There has been more than enough to be interested… Continue reading

Survive and Advance – Week 13

By: Connor Lenahan The dust has settled. The fights have finished. After weeks upon weeks of speculation we finally have our playoff picture for the XFL. The final week provided some shocks –… Continue reading

Insanity – Week 12

By: Connor Lenahan Matt Bruzzano and his Green Bay Blizzard have been the villains of the XFL for the 8 years that the league has existed. I wrote over the past two weeks… Continue reading

Scrambling – Week 10

By: Connor Lenahan We have now reached a crucial point. I have mentioned in the past couple of weeks of XFL columns that we had an abundance of contenders. Teams simply were not… Continue reading

The Stretch – Week 9

By: Connor Lenahan I realize that every week I hit upon the same points when discussing the XFL. Things stopped making sense long ago. I gave up on predicting anything. Everything was crazy.… Continue reading