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The NBA Stands Up

By: Connor Lenahan Last night was a landmark moment in American sports and society, as the NBA pulled the 2017 All Star Game from Charlotte, NC and began looking for a new host… Continue reading

Connor vs. Chase: December 10

By: Connor Lenahan I am the oldest of three brothers in my family. This fall I will be a senior at Boston University while my younger brother Chase will be a junior at… Continue reading

Thank You Tim

By: Connor Lenahan The day has finally come. Tim Duncan is retiring from the NBA after 19 seasons of ridiculous consistency. It’s a day we knew was coming, but no one wanted to… Continue reading

Bones Gets Busted

By: Connor Lenahan I’m not a terribly big fan of UFC, but I do casually follow the sport. My only exceptions come from the biggest stars the company have to offer – Conor… Continue reading

Freedom for Westbrook

By: Connor Lenahan Today is a day where we celebrate freedom, and the athletic freak/American Treasure that is Russell Westbrook just got freed in the most ridiculous way possible. Kevin Durant, running mates… Continue reading

First Al, Now Kevin, Please

By: Connor Lenahan Yesterday the Boston Celtics made a giant splash in free agency landing Atlanta Hawks center Al Horford to the tune of 4 years and $113 million dollars. Horford was one… Continue reading

Durant The Celtic?

By: Connor Lenahan July 1st will mark the beginning of the new NBA year and thus the official beginning of the Kevin Durant sweepstakes. Durant is probably going to sign a one year… Continue reading

The Boston University-NHL Draft

By: Connor Lenahan At tonight’s NHL draft the Boston University Terriers tied a record for most first round picks from a school with 4. This alone is impressive – especially when three of… Continue reading

Okay, Jaylen Brown It Is

By: Connor Lenahan Well, I was really hoping the Celtics would take Providence PG Kris Dunn tonight, because I watched him play a lot last year and the kid is super talented. But… Continue reading

LeBron’s Crowning Moment

By: Connor Lenahan It’s a little unbelievable that Cleveland just won a championship. This sounds sharp, but when you factor in that no team had brought home a title since 1964, and the… Continue reading