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Daytona By A Nose

By: Connor Lenahan Here’s a sentence I never thought I’d write: For tonight’s story we turn to NASCAR. I am not even going to pretend that I follow the sport even remotely well.… Continue reading

The Annoying Super Bowl

By: Connor Lenahan I’ve got it. I know why this specific Denver Bronco team annoys me. It’s not because they’re really, absurdly good on defense. That would be hypocritical – I’m a Seahawks… Continue reading

The First Down Line

By: Connor Lenahan Given historical trends, tomorrow night’s Super Bowl 50 will be the most viewed television program in history. That means that all over the world hundreds of millions will be enjoying… Continue reading

The Ultimate Beanpot

By: Connor Lenahan I have been a Boston University student for three years and we haven’t beaten Boston College in hockey while I’ve been here. That is unacceptable and that is wrong. That… Continue reading

Buzzer Beater University

By: Connor Lenahan For the second time this week Boston University won on a walk off buzzer beater. Sunday it was John Papale, the Silent Assassin, who ended up #1 on the SportsCenter… Continue reading

Super Commercial Sunday

By: Connor Lenahan This Sunday is exciting because it’s Super Bowl 50, featuring two of the most iconic franchises in NFL history: the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos. Well, maybe not quite. But… Continue reading

Papale The Assassin

By: Connor Lenahan Okay new rule: Boston University is only allowed to play basketball when we are on national television. The last two times we have played and been broadcast from coast to… Continue reading

Super Bowl 50: AKA Congrats Cam Newton

By: Connor Lenahan Winning the Super Bowl is huge for any athlete’s career, so for Cam Newton this is a huge moment for him. To cap off his career best year with a… Continue reading

The Big Time

By: Connor Lenahan Yesterday, in the course of maybe five minutes, went from a lazy day avoiding the imminent snow to one of the biggest days of my career as a public address… Continue reading

The Steroid Problem

By: Connor Lenahan Last night Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza were voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Griffey ended up resetting the record for highest percentage of votes for induction –… Continue reading