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15 Years of Futurama

By: Connor Lenahan Fifteen years ago yesterday Philip J. Fry tipped over his chair and fell into a cryogenic freezing tube. He remained there for the next thousand years, awaking in the year… Continue reading

Your New Addiction

By: Connor Lenahan I have an unhealthy obsession with lists. Anytime I see “Top (Insert Number) (Insert Topic)” on a website I am compelled to click on it. I read/watch lists constantly. I… Continue reading

Seth Meyers Leaps Into Stardom

By: Connor Lenahan Just about three years ago Seth Meyers was invited to speak at the White House correspondentsā€™ dinner. The video of his speech is above. Saying it is worth your twenty… Continue reading

Welcome Back McAvoy

By: Connor Lenahan Two nights HBO made me jump for joy when they announced that The Newsroom, one of my favorite shows on television, would be returning for a third season. The only… Continue reading

Television Addiction

By: Erica Nealon I have a little bit of a problem. Ok, a big problem. I love television. Not like your average Joe or Sally loves television. I mean, I love television like… Continue reading

The New Way of Watching TV

By: Connor Lenahan I have almost abandoned trying to watch television when it actually airs. I follow only a few shows when they are on weekly. I watch The Newsroom, TheĀ Simpsons, Family Guy,… Continue reading