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How To Appreciate TV

By: Connor Lenahan Last night I got to hear Chuck Klosterman, author of Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs and But What If We’re Wrong?, among other terrific books, speak at the Brattle Theater in Cambridge.… Continue reading

Bo Burnham Makes Happy

By: Connor Lenahan I’ve been a fan of Bo Burnham since I was in high school and was first introduced to it by my brother Chase. His quirky, musical comedy became the biggest… Continue reading

Shark Tank: The Pinnacle of American Television?

By: Connor Lenahan Let’s go ahead and agree that yes Shark Tank is the best televised program we have going right now. Let me explain: As a result of getting rained out of Governors Ball… Continue reading

The Seinfeld Theme Is Way Cooler Than You Think

By: Connor Lenahan I really wish I were a good musician. I can drum in correct time and I can play Rock Band with a solid enough rhythm to do well on expert,… Continue reading

Homer Live

By: Connor Lenahan Tomorrow night is going to be a first for The Simpsons, which is an increasingly impressive feat given that the show is in its 27th season. At the end of tomorrow… Continue reading

Rick and Morty Has Explaining To Do

By: Connor Lenahan One of my favorite shows on TV right now is Rick and Morty, largely because I don’t get how you could hate a show that shares a lot of influence with The… Continue reading

Any Given Wednesday

By: Connor Lenahan It’s about damn time we find out what Bill Simmons TV deal with HBO was going to be. Earlier this afternoon HBO announced that Simmons would be beginning to host Any… Continue reading

Rest Easy, Garry Shandling

By: Connor Lenahan This one hurts. Garry Shandling, the man behind amazingly funny shows like The Larry Sanders Show, passed away at 66 today. The Larry Sanders Show is one of the funniest shows I… Continue reading

Fourth Season Fireworks

By: Connor Lenahan I’m only four episodes into the fourth season of House of Cards but, without spoiling anything, it is so flippin’ good. I bring up most everything with this show on Unbreakable… Continue reading

More Making a Murderer?

By: Connor Lenahan Despite the fact that Making a Murderer probably could have cut two episodes from it’s original ten episode length and still been terrific, I want more. Everyone wants more. Because that… Continue reading