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By: Connor Lenahan I really, really, really love late night shows. Mainly because they’re the ultimate excuse to mess around with segments to have fun. Sometimes you have celebrities doing goofy things –… Continue reading

National Rejection

By: Connor Lenahan Graham Norton has one of the best late night shows that you’ve never watched. That’s almost certainly because it’s primarily broadcast on the BBC overseas. It’s a lot like Watch What… Continue reading

House of Cards Season 4 Looks Amazing

By: Connor Lenahan The trailer for House of Cards fourth season released today and it looks entirely incredible. What’s that? I basically said the exact same thing in the title of this article? I… Continue reading

Making A Murderer: Springfield

By: Connor Lenahan I know I’m prone to hyperbole, but I promise you the following is not at all. This video mashup of The Simpsons and Making A Murderer is the single greatest artistic achievement… Continue reading

College Jeopardy Season

By: Connor Lenahan So, sad news: I’m not on this year’s College Jeopardy tournament. I know you all wanted to watch me destroy some philosophy majors from the Ive League in pop culture categories,… Continue reading

Beau Willimon Leaves House of Cards

By: Connor Lenahan This came as a big surprise today. It was just announced by Netflix in the last day or so that House of Cards would be returning for a fifth season before… Continue reading

Master of None Season 2? Please?

By: Connor Lenahan Over the course of maybe the last five days I watched the entire first season of Netflix’s Master of None. It was absolutely terrific, and has already given me something to… Continue reading

Sorry Professor, I Was Playing Pokemon… Again

By: Connor Lenahan And just when I thought my academic career was on an upswing. The Pokemon Company has made a slew of announcements recently celebrating the 20th anniversary of the franchise and… Continue reading

The 2015 Unbreakable Tournament

By: Connor Lenahan I’m not quite sure how we got to this point, but at midnight tonight I will have published an article on Unbreakable every day for two full years. Holy Shit.… Continue reading

How To Regift, by John Oliver

By: Connor Lenahan John Oliver and Last Week Tonight may be off until February, but he’s still around for some web shorts. This time he’s here to tell you how to properly follow up… Continue reading