XFL 2016: Parity is Weird

By: Connor Lenahan The XFL has been around for ten seasons now and I pride myself on acting as the de facto historian for our little league. I spend nearly every day thinking… Continue reading

Aaron Sorkin Figured Me Out

By: Connor Lenahan I’ve been in that planning process that every college student needs to pass through towards the end of their time in school for a few weeks now. You’ve spent your… Continue reading

XFL 2016: The Half-Season All-Stars

By: Connor Lenahan Ahh, the middle of the XFL season is upon us once again. With just under 24 hours until tomorrow’s noon trade deadline, we have reached the halfway point of the… Continue reading

XFL 2016: We’re Doomed

By: Connor Lenahan Maybe it’s because I live in Boston, or maybe it’s because I root for the New England Patriots; perhaps it’s because my girlfriend’s team is the prime beneficiary of his… Continue reading

XFL 2016: The Quarter Season Mark

By: Connor Lenahan Four weeks down, twelve to go. The first month of the XFL has come and gone, and one thing seems to be true thus far: It’s anyone’s game. Yeah, yeah,… Continue reading

Life Is Fun Again

By: Connor Lenahan The new school year is still in its relative infancy, but it’s already the best year of my life with regards to schooling. Classes are interesting without being overtaxing. Work… Continue reading

Jean-Luc and his New Party Anthem

By: Connor Lenahan 2016 has been loaded with terrific music from the heaviest hitters of all. But for the last couple of days, I have been whistling and drumming and singing to myself… Continue reading

XFL 2016: Now Things Get Crazy

By: Connor Lenahan Darren Sproles had simultaneously the best and worst game he’s had in what seems like forever this past Sunday afternoon. The Kansas City Killers running back took the field in… Continue reading

1000 Days and The End of The Streak

By: Connor Lenahan Late in 2013 I had an idea. I thought about what I could do with Unbreakable, which at that point was a young side project I updated every month or… Continue reading

Rest Easy, Jose

By: Connor Lenahan News broke this morning that Jose Fernandez, the 2 time MLB All-Star and one of the best pitchers on the planet for the Miami Marlins, was killed in a boating… Continue reading