I’ll Take Victory for $2000, Alex

By: Connor Lenahan That’s Erin McLean, a graduate of Boston University and winner of the Jeopardy College Tournament a few years ago. Despite attending a school that carries with it a proud tradition… Continue reading

XFL 2016: Overreacting To Week 1

By: Connor Lenahan It’s over 80 degrees outside in Boston right now and there is no snow on the ground, but you can’t tell me today isn’t Christmas. With the return of the… Continue reading

The Struggle of Film Scores

By: Connor Lenahan Think of your favorite movie. Not some artsy pick to impress someone, your genuine favorite movie. Think of what it sounds like. Can you hear the score? Do you remember… Continue reading

Never Forget – 15 Years

By: Connor Lenahan 15 is an incredible milestone. Obviously no distance from the darkest day in modern American history is enough to repair the damage from that day, but it has become incredible… Continue reading

Fire Franklin

By: Connor Lenahan “He just needs to get his own people in the system.” He’s in his third year as the head coach. “He wants to run the same offense he ran at… Continue reading

Chance the Hero

By: Connor Lenahan Chance the Rapper is a bonafide superhero. Not only has he put out one of the most infectiously positive albums of the year with┬áColoring Book, but he has thrown free… Continue reading

Finally Football Time

By: Connor Lenahan The NFL has kicked off. That is a glorious sentence to be able to write. As I write this the Carolina Panthers are marching downfield against the Broncos with their… Continue reading

A Sad Day for BU

By: Connor Lenahan Late last night a 17-year-old Boston University student was killed on the commuter rail tracks in west campus. More specific details on this tragedy are not available at this time,… Continue reading

TV (The Book)

By: Connor Lenahan As a fan of all things television and lists of all kinds, a book that ranks the top 100 television shows is a book that’s almost suspiciously targeted at me.… Continue reading

One Last Season

By: Connor Lenahan Well, that was terrifying to type. Tonight was the first game for announcing this season for yours truly. Somehow it finally clicked when I was writing down names from the… Continue reading