A Good Year To Be A Kanye Fan

By: Connor Lenahan The only let down of last night’s Kanye West show? He didn’t take his time during “Runaway” to rant on things that were bothering him. Except that wasn’t a bad… Continue reading

Saint Pablo Time

By: Connor Lenahan Kanye West, floating stage and all, has finally arrived in Boston. At least I think. Kanye’s tour has been one of the most anticipated of 2016 and should have technically… Continue reading

If I Sneeze One More Time…

By: Connor Lenahan Everyone gets sick when they come back to school, right? This isn’t just a me thing. It can’t be. Each fall you put a bunch of people together in close… Continue reading

JetBlue Switcheroo

By: Connor Lenahan I don’t tend to genuinely lose my anger all that often, but lost luggage can cause even the most patient people to go crazy. Especially when you check in two… Continue reading

The Truman Show as Life

By: Connor Lenahan I am an absolute sucker for video essays about film and television. Because I’ve studied them both in school a lot of my life is spent deconstructing shows to story… Continue reading

Thor’s Vacation

By: Connor Lenahan Remember how earlier this year a lot of people were confused when Captain America: Civil War brought together all of your favorite Marvel heroes but somehow left out Thor and Hulk?… Continue reading

Pokemon Dancing Champions

By: Connor Lenahan You know how every once in a while the Internet is a good place? Recently, for seemingly no reason, someone took the in-game character models for Dragonite and Charizard from… Continue reading

Kanye and Drake?????

By: Connor Lenahan The above billboard popped up in Calabasas, CA the other night, prompting the Internet to go into a frenzy. There have been rumors this year of a Kanye West and… Continue reading

Oh Romo

By: Connor Lenahan Don’t adjust your computer’s date setting, it is 2016, and Tony Romo is hurt. The much maligned quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys took a pretty ugly hit from Cliff Avril… Continue reading

Power Outlets On Planes Rule

By: Connor Lenahan Quick Question: Is there a more promising sign to see on an airplane than “Power Outlet Between Seats”? This seems dumb, but with the exception of “Free Baked Goods” nothing… Continue reading