Dammit Frank

By: Connor Lenahan Why do I let myself get my hopes up so often? Why do I blindly assume that more Frank Ocean music is on the way when I’ve been met with… Continue reading

Frank Ocean Eve

By: Connor Lenahan We are only a few hours away. Please don’t hurt me, Frank. I can’t take this emotional roller coaster much longer.

Why Hello, Stanley Cup

By: Connor Lenahan Earlier this year the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup under the guidance of Boston University alum Mike Sullivan, and thanks to the play of BU’s Nick Bonino. Coach Sullivan… Continue reading

Walk-Thrus to McDonalds: How I Tried To Take My Wheelchair Through the Drive-Thru

By: Connor Lenahan Here’s the most interesting thought of the day: McDonald’s is apparently starting to toy with the idea of adding a “Walk-Thru” for people hoping to grab some nuggets on their… Continue reading

Boys Don’t Cry: Friday

By: Connor Lenahan NOT A DRILL IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING PROBABLY WE THINK. According to reputable sources in the know with Frank Ocean, the extremely anticipated Boys Don’t Cry will finally arrive this Friday, August… Continue reading

Hey Now! Larry Sanders Comes to HBO Go In September

By: Connor Lenahan Earlier this year comedy legend Garry Shandling passed away and the world of television lost one of its brightest minds. As Larry Sanders on The Larry Sanders Show, Shandling was, ironically,… Continue reading

The Infinity War Shrinks – Hooray!

By: Connor Lenahan Movie fans rejoice, Marvel just announced something amazing. The biggest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been building up over the years to the two part Avengers: Infinity War. The… Continue reading

Where’d Summer Go?

By: Connor Lenahan Guys it’s the last weekend of July. Don’t panic, but I think it’s time to panic. I’m not quite sure how we got to the point that we are hours… Continue reading

MTV Classic Coming Soon

By: Connor Lenahan MTV has suddenly realized the smartest way it can return to public prominence. It’s fairly obvious that the golden era of programming for the channel was from the 1990s through… Continue reading

Makoto Nagano: Ninja Warrior Legend

By: Connor Lenahan American Ninja Warrior is one of the more entertaining competition shows on television today, but it doesn’t have anything on the Japanese show that it’s based on. Sasuke, or Ninja Warrior… Continue reading