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XFL 2015: The New League Power

By: Connor Lenahan Guess who’s back, back again? The XFL is back, tell a friend. It’s been┬ánine long months since Andrew Rebensky’s Oklahoma City Lions team took home their first championship just after… Continue reading

The Dark Horse – Week 8

By: Connor Lenahan Last week was insane. We had teams and players explode for crazy amounts of points. The Minnesota Buzzsaws managed to put up a historically great game scoring 2335 points. Ben… Continue reading

The First Quarter – Week 4

By: Connor Lenahan We’ve now reached the end of the first quarter of the XFL season and the man who leads the league in scoring has the best beard of anyone currently fighting… Continue reading

The Horror – Week 2

By: Connor Lenahan Just sitting and writing this article now I am concerned that I will tear my ACL. No, I’m not even moving, but after this past weekend in the NFL how… Continue reading