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The Taste of WGBH

By: Connor Lenahan On the whole, life is more fun when you just say yes. Through my 21 years on this planet I have gotten to do a lot of really interesting and,… Continue reading

BU is Getting a Target

By: Connor Lenahan OH MY GOD. This news comes from the Boston Globe who has reported today that Target has done so well that Boston is getting two more. One of the two… Continue reading

Smashing Records

By: Connor Lenahan If you think last night’s game, the Terrier Tailgate matchup featuring Boston University¬†and Boston College, was simply defined by winning or losing, you couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s… Continue reading

The Terrier Tailgate

By: Connor Lenahan No matter what form of competition, if Boston University and Boston College are in a battle for superiority I need to see my Terriers win. This extends to hockey and… Continue reading

Unbreakable Podcast – Kat Cornetta: 8/8/15

By: Connor Lenahan Today I did what I previously thought to be impossible – wake up early on a Saturday. But when it was for something as fun as I got to do… Continue reading

At Long Last, Target

By: Connor Lenahan Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time. In just a matter of hours – 8AM tomorrow to be exact – Boston’s CityTarget will open at last. You know what that means? I… Continue reading

Is It Hockey Time Yet?

By: Connor Lenahan This Friday will bring the NHL draft and, almost assuredly, the selection of Boston University’s Jack Eichel second overall. This is awesome news and all, but there’s something else on… Continue reading

Target Time

By: Connor Lenahan I wrote a few months back about how Boston was set to receive a Target in the Fenway neighborhood. After slowly watching the collective mind of Boston University go crazy,… Continue reading

Softball Superstar

  By: Connor Lenahan For a second straight summer I get to play intramural softball with my coworkers here at Boston University. Last year, despite having a slow start I, somehow, ended up… Continue reading

A Brand New Game

By: Connor Lenahan Here’s something that’s fairly embarrassing to admit: despite the fact that I’ve now been announcing Boston University basketball for the women’s basketball team for two years I still am not… Continue reading