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Catch Em All

By: Connor Lenahan If I was able to drive before 2012 then I would have done what I did this past Thursday night long ago. At midnight on Thursday a glorious moment came.… Continue reading


By: Connor Lenahan “I think you’re becoming a hockey fan” is what my brother Chase said to me tonight. I did not disagree. I was texting him from the inside of Agganis Arena… Continue reading

Target’s Coming

By: Connor Lenahan Pictured above is one of my favorite parts of my hometown – Target. In some ways having a store like Target high on my list of “Great Features of Waverly/Clarks… Continue reading

Welcome Back

By: Connor Lenahan I’m pathetic. To many of you this is not a new revelation. To some others it will be a shock. This is indeed true. I am, in fact, pathetic. Self… Continue reading


By: Connor Lenahan A fun rumor circulated the Dean of Students office at Boston University last week. With just a few days to go before the BU Men’s Basketball team departed for Italy… Continue reading

Return To Fenway

  By: Connor Lenahan Despite the fact that I’ve been living in Boston since mid-May for the summer I have not attended any games since the opening weekend of the season. This is… Continue reading

The Basketball Tournament

By: Connor Lenahan A few months ago I was reading Grantland as I normally do when I came across the following headline from Zach Lowe. Sold. Seriously find anything wrong with that. High… Continue reading

Pyramid of Greatness

By: Connor Lenahan I have spent the a great amount of time this summer not just working at Boston University, but watching Netflix as well. A few weeks ago I finished the masterful¬†House… Continue reading

Frequently Asked Question

By: Connor Lenahan This was the final day of the first orientation session for the Boston University Class of 2018. According to every person I talked to that attended the session it was… Continue reading

Baby Terriers

By: Connor Lenahan Tomorrow begins summer orientations at Boston University. I could not be more excited. This of course makes no sense. I’m excited for something that is causing me to actually do… Continue reading