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Yeezy Season 2015

By: Connor Lenahan Well this winter just got a whole lot more bearable. Late last night the push notification for Kanye West’s twitter came through onto my phone. It simply read: Forget winter,… Continue reading

Who’s Coming to Governors Ball 2016 With Me?

By: Connor Lenahan So, who’s coming with me to Governor’s Ball? I went to the festival in 2014 to see the headlining, reunited Outkast as well as the superb supporting cast. This year’s… Continue reading

Nu Disco

By: Connor Lenahan Back when I was at my orientation at Boston University I ended up meeting a kid named Jean-Luc Lukunku. Jean-Luc and I almost immediately bonded over Jordans and Kanye West.… Continue reading

No Warning

By: Connor Lenahan In the past couple of years there has been a move away from the traditional build up to releases by major artists. In years past there would be advertisements, multiple… Continue reading

Any Day Now

By: Connor Lenahan On New Year’s Day we got “Only One.” Now it appears as if we are due for more Kanye music. Pitchfork reported earlier today that Kanye took the stage at a… Continue reading

Rem for Pulitzer 2014

By: Connor Lenahan A few years ago I stumbled upon Rembert Browne. During the early days of Grantland, I started seeing his name pop up and reading his articles. I found out not… Continue reading

10 Years Later: The College Dropout

By: Connor Lenahan, Patrick McKay & Max Hollander Ten years ago today marks the world’s first introduction to Kanye West. Sure, he had been around the rap world for a while, producing some… Continue reading

I Hate The Grammys

By: Connor Lenahan Today I was going to write about the Grammys in detail and why they’re a joke. But I’m just not feeling getting furious again about the past. Last year I… Continue reading

A Night With The Ruler

By: Connor Lenahan When you start a show by stating “I will not lose ever, fucker,” you know you’re in for something special. There’s a difference between me saying it and Jay Z… Continue reading

My Concert Bucket List

By: Connor Lenahan Tonight I will be heading to the TD Garden to see Jay Z in concert. It’s hard to show through words but I’m losing my mind right now. I love… Continue reading