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What The Hawk

By: Connor Lenahan I’m still not entirely sure what happened in the end of today’s Seahawks-Packers game. It’s all kind of a blur. It went from depressing sadness to screaming glee so quickly… Continue reading

The Greatest Commercial Ever

By: Connor Lenahan It has recently come to my attention thanks to the glory that is the internet that Costco will soon be selling enormous teddy bears to the public. How enormous you… Continue reading

About Last Night

By: Connor Lenahan I had a game plan. I had planned to dedicate my Sunday/Monday posts on the blog to the Super Bowl. I told my story of Shaun Alexander helping solidifying my… Continue reading

World Champs

  By: Connor Lenahan I’ve been waiting for eight years to be able to type the following sentence. The Seattle Seahawks have won the Super Bowl. It was a drubbing. It was hilarious.… Continue reading