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Wel-diddly-elcome Back, Harry

By: Connor Lenahan Every part of my nerdy heart is fluttering today because Harry Shearer is coming back to The Simpsons. A quick refresher: Harry Shearer, voice of Ned Flanders, Mr. Burns, Smithers, and… Continue reading

Homer and Marge 4 Ever

By: Connor Lenahan Fear not, your trusty neighborhood Simpsons fanatic is here to strike down any fears about America’s most iconic family. News came out the other day via Simpsons executive producer Al Jean that… Continue reading

The Problems of Crossing Over

By: Connor Lenahan I knew that this would happen. I could see it coming from a long ways away. I could see it coming from the minute I heard the episode was going… Continue reading

Simple Simpson

By: Connor Lenahan My current writing class at Boston University revolves around sitcom characters. For our final paper we were given free reign to choose our own topic on which to write about.… Continue reading