Dream Again

By: Connor Lenahan

Just last Sunday I had written about Baylor center Isaiah Austin. His dream of playing in the NBA was cut short just days before the draft due to a newfound diagnosis of Marfan syndrome. He was told that he would never be able to play basketball competitively again. His name would not be called during the NBA Draft. This was the end of the line.

“There’s a spot out there for Austin to help some how, some way.” I was confident just a few days ago that things would work out for the incredible young man. Thankfully things did.

Adam Silver further showed that he’s the best commissioner in all of sports by making a ceremonial draft pick and calling Austin’s name this past Thursday night. This alone was touching, but then came even better news. Baylor offered Austin a job on their coaching staff and the NBA has offered Austin a job after he gets his college degree. He’s going to remain in basketball after all.

In his interview after the draft pick was made, when asked about what he was going to do next, Austin responded, “I’m going to dream again.”

So just take a second on this Saturday afternoon to smile. Here’s a tangible, incredible example that good things can happen to good people. That dreams can come true. That everything can and will end up well in the end. It’s a heartwarming moment that everyone can enjoy.

Welcome to the NBA Isaiah.

Connor Lenahan (@ConnorLenahan) is a sophomore at Boston University, majoring in journalism.