The Unbreakable Podcast


By: Connor Lenahan

After a year and a half of writing for Unbreakable it was time to change things up just a little bit. Not only will there be articles coming like normal, mainly because I like to torture myself to try to do this every day, but now I have a set up to do some podcasting out of my dorm room here at Boston University.

I love radio personalities like Howard Stern and Bill Simmons, both BU alums like myself. I want to try this out because, well, it seemed fun. It’s fun to record that’s for sure.

Today I had my roommate Patrick McKay drop by to talk about just about anything that came to our minds. We talked about Bill Simmons going to HBO, LeBron in Trainwreck, the Drake & Meek Mill rap feud, and a lot more. We also threw in some suggestions for movies, TV shows, and music should you be in need for anything to help you kill time during the summer.

It would be awesome if you gave it a shot, let me know what we could do better, and have some fun with it. IF you’re reading this now you’ve been nice enough to let me have some fun with writing for the last two years, and it means more than I could properly say here. I hope, if anything, I can give you a laugh or a smile and entertain you just a bit.

Without further ado, here’s the first ever Unbreakable Podcast.


I hope.