Game-planning Governors Ball


By: Connor Lenahan

A few hours ago I bought my tickets to Governors Ball. Tears were wept. Squeals of excitement were squealed. Air was punched in triumph. Good times were had by me. I wrote a little while back about the incredible lineup for the show and who I was most excited to see. I also wrote recently about who I most want to see in concert that I haven’t gotten to yet. With the addition of Governors Ball to my schedule I’m knocking off a quarter of my list. I couldn’t be happier.

Now comes the reason as to why I’m writing about this. I promise it’s not just to brag that I’m going to Governors Ball, despite that admittedly being part of why I’m writing tonight. I have a larger plan in mind and wanted to recruit some help.

I’m going to write a Governors Ball diary in June. I knew the millisecond I ordered my tickets that I would need to cover the show. So for the days of June 5th-June 9th I will be covering my journey to the musical nirvana that is Randall’s Island. Thanks to the location and schedule of the festival I will be able to do this without issue.

I’m looking for two categories of people. The first would be people who would wish to contribute anything from the show as well. I’m not going to make it to every show and I’ll definitely miss things along the way. I wanted to open the opportunity to help tell stories from the festival on the site here. Should be fun.

The other category is essentially an enforcer or (preferably) an entourage. I’ve never been to one of these large scale festivals but I know they can get insane. I’m 5’3”, fragile, and in a wheelchair for the majority of the time. I’ll need helping hands at the show. The good news is you can most likely join me in the handicapped accessible seats at the shows as well. I might just need help with the chair and preventing some drunkard named Travis from obliterating me and snapping my knee. Standard issue things really.

So in a perfect world I will get to write coverage from the shows, I’ll have extras helping out with more content, I’ll have some people to protect me, and Outkast will end world hunger.

Governors Ball 2014 let’s do this.

Connor Lenahan (@ConnorLenahan) is the founder and editor-in-chief of He is a freshman at Boston University, majoring in journalism. He can be emailed at