Your Move, Chief


By: Connor Lenahan

All day long I have been reading different things about Robin Williams’s passing. Looking at pictures. Watching clips. It’s what plenty of people I know are doing.

Earlier this afternoon I took a walk to the Boston Common to look at the overnight memorial dedicated to Williams on the bench where he sat with Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting.

People had left flowers and written thank you’s and left quotes around the spot. I’m not to proud to admit that I stood and quietly looked at all of this and began to tear up. This is a sad, sad loss.

I read online earlier today about a petition making it’s way around the internet to build a bronze statue of Robin Williams, in character as Sean Maguire, on that bench where he sat in the movie.

There are too few times that an idea as truly touching and perfect as this come along. It’s simple and respectful. It should happen. Because one day in the future it would be nice to walk to the Common and sit aside Robin and let the world pass by. It would feel peaceful. It would feel right.

Sign the petition here. Let’s make this one happen.