By: Connor Lenahan

With today’s official announcement that Joe Paterno’s previously vacated wins have been restored by the NCAA this officially means that, save for the $60 Million fine levied on the school, all the penalties on Penn State as a result of the Jerry Sandusky scandal have been removed. This is in any and every way the right move. The necessity of the penalties when they were first handed down was in question. They still are now. But now it doesn’t have to be a topic of conversation anymore. Now every Penn State fan can 100% move on from all complaints stemming from the penalties. Now things can get back to normal – or as normal as can be given the situation.

It’s the right move. Like I had said just a few days ago, you can’t play revisionist history with the truth. It’s over. It’s about time too. Now let’s all leave this behind and move past it. This is finally settled.