Domino’s Pizza Is Garbage


By: Connor Lenahan

Let me tell you a story.

Earlier this morning I was contemplating what I would have for lunch today when I decided to order pizza from Domino’s. This is a fairly routine decision for many people on a football Sunday. I ordered two pizzas and two sodas for my girlfriend and I at 11:45 AM.

With Domino’s you are given a range of times for when to receive your order. I waited the 30-40 minutes that were expected and heard nothing. I was confused, so I checked the online tracker for Domino’s. The pizza was somehow still in the quality check section after 45 minutes. Hungry and upset, I called the store at 12:46 to ask what was going on. They were backed up and busy, but my pizza was the next one out the door.

Okay, that works.

I waited until 1:35, with not a word heard from the pizza man. I check the tracker yet again. The tracker wished that I was enjoying my now delivered pizza. Incensed, I called again to ask what was going on with my food. The woman on the phone explained that the driver had not come back yet, so not to worry. I figured the guy must have preemptively said it was delivered. Surely the pizza was going to be here shortly.

We now are at 2:32 PM. No sign of anything. I’ve made other food at this point because the pizza is nowhere to be found. Now furious and hungry, I check the tracker yet again to find that the order is deleted.

This is when things take a turn for the worst. No alert had been given that my order was deleted, nor had I told them not to deliver my pizza. I called the shop for a third time and asked what was going on, only to appropriately be put on hold for a few minutes.

The man on the phone claims that the driver tried to call me multiple times but couldn’t get through to me. This is entirely incorrect, as I’ve had my ringer on for hours and received no incoming calls. The driver apparently returned to the store and the order was canceled. The guy sheepishly offers to remake my order and bring it for free, but now we are three hours since the order was placed. I refuse, explaining that they’ve kept me waiting and I’ve gotten other food while they’ve wasted my time.

And then as I am angrily asking why they deleted my order, why the driver is claiming that he couldn’t get in touch with me, and why they got the order wrong the unthinkable happens – he hangs up.

So now we are roughly five hours from the order and there is still no pizza in my hand. I’m not sure when the next time I’ll do business is with Domino’s is either, because they didn’t just botch an order today, but they perfectly exemplified what it means to be a bad business.

Let’s recap everything this garbage dump of an outlet did today:

  1. Describe a timeframe for delivery that is incorrect by nearly double the amount given.
  2. Never delivered ordered food.
  3. Had a driver report a delivery made despite never calling the customer.
  4. Never called the customer.
  5. Inexplicably canceled the order as a result.
  6. Hung up on a customer while asking how the rest of this could have happened.

I do not get genuinely angry often. But the millisecond that you hang up on me after wasting nearly three hours of my time I am going to raise hell. Waiting three hours for delivery food is unacceptable. Canceling a customer’s order is unthinkable. Hanging up on a customer is awful.

Let’s not forget that this isn’t the first time this specific store has been a problem. Well, they are officially losing my business after today, because if you not only can’t do your job as a restaurant but disrespect your customers while doing it you don’t deserve any money for being a garbage, atrocious, rude, incompetent, unprofessional organization.