A Good Year To Be A Kanye Fan


By: Connor Lenahan

The only let down of last night’s Kanye West show? He didn’t take his time during “Runaway” to rant on things that were bothering him. Except that wasn’t a bad thing. Instead Kanye raised the lights in the arena and spoke about the need to make an impact with your life, love each other, and love yourself.

He said that this was the “Internet proof” version of what he had to say. He called 2016 “a good year to be a Kanye West fan,” and that he wasn’t going to give his fans any cause to get into a fight over his career.

Over the course of two hours Kanye floated back and forth above a dedicated, crazy crowd, playing nearly every hit you could imagine. He brought out the choice cuts from The Life of Pablo, save “30 Hours”, and ripped the damn roof off during “Gold Digger” and “Stronger”.

Kanye remains an unparalleled live performer. He wanted the Saint Pablo Tour to be “a night you remember 20, 30 years from now.” He had that locked up with a floating stage alone, the A+ performance was just the cherry on top.

As always, you might not like Kanye, but you sure have to respect his vision and his catalog.