Oh Great, More Snow


By: Connor Lenahan

So help me if I need to write any more about snow in Boston in 2015 I think I am going to scream. Actually, that’s pretty much the attitude of every Boston resident towards the snow itself. We’re done. Seriously, it isn’t funny anymore. I have tried covering this in about as many professional-ish ways as I can. But this? This is getting old. Like dinosaurs doing the Macarena old.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 9.38.41 PM

We are now well beyond the point in which it is socially acceptable to start blaming the snow on different people. This is, almost without question, the fault of Roger Goodell. I think in 2014 we as a society came to the understanding that, when in doubt, the Ginger Hammer is most likely worthy of any and all disdain. Even though he can barely control the NFL as it is now I am convinced that he is slamming Boston with snow as a petty bit of jealousy over Bill Belichick winning the Super Bowl. Or it’s just a historic winter that happened to take more than a season’s worth of snow and place it amongst just a few days.

Nah, definitely Goodell.

If there is anything good to take away from this latest blizzard – and I’ll be honest, at this point there is not really a lot of upside left here other than “we are alive” and “we haven’t eaten all the Twinkies yet” – it’s the hoping that this will be the tail of the beating. Look, I know that I am about as blindly optimistic as anyone can be, but in times like this you have to be. The bar for the city having a serious problem related to snow only continues to fall lower. Seriously, I couldn’t cross the street today because there’s about three inches of slush on the train tracks for the T. I’d get angry but what’s the point? Where can they put it.

At this point it’s just time to keep battling against the storm and stay safe. That’s been my motto for essentially a month now. It has to end eventually. Why not now?

There is a bit of good news for Boston University though. Spring Break is in three weeks. If you can manage to not become Frosty The Snowman in the next 20 some days then your escape to warmth is possible. Godspeed young Terriers.