Season Three, At Last


By: Connor Lenahan

I know why I’ve been more excited for the premiere of House of Cards‘s third season more than just about every other television event in recent memory. It’s because of what makes Netflix dramas unique amongst a crowded schedule of shows. I can and will spend this weekend watching this entire season alongside my girlfriend Laura, who places House of Cards above all else on her personal rankings for favorite TV shows. The release strategy of House of Cards, and other Netflix shows like Orange is the New Black is to put up full seasons on their release date. If I wanted to I could watch the third season finale right now – I’m not going to because although I’m crazy I’m not insane.

I have completely adopted marathon watching as my preferred way to watch television. Being at college and being busy makes it almost entirely impossible to try and keep up with every show I’d like to on a weekly basis. Besides, I find it much more rewarding to decide to have a day where there are five Better Call Saul episodes rather than one every seven days. Makes me happier and I follow the season better.

I’d get lost quicker watching the exploits of the Underwood family than just about any other shows I watch actively. Getting to spend this weekend, and assumedly some of next week, watching this latest season is much more rewarding than having to wait until three months from now for a payoff. I’ve spent too much of my time being forced to be patient – whether it be for things out of my control, like broken bones, or things I can control, like Hot Pockets. I want my answers and I want them now, dammit.

They’re here today. The world is a great place.