Kelvin Goes Down


By: Connor Lenahan

You know it’s the NFL season when injuries start rolling in from the preseason. Sure, Arian Foster was already injured in time to be documented on the first episode of this season’s Hard Knocks, but he’s always hurt. LeSean McCoy tweaked a hammy. These things happen.

However, it’s a different story when a young star in the making tears his ACL running routes. Kelvin Benjamin of the Carolina Panthers and formally of Florida State tore his ACL in practice and now will miss the season. I’m not even remotely a Panthers fan and I think this sucks.

Here’s why: Benjamin was probably the second best rookie wideout last year behind Odell Beckham Jr. (and maybe Sammie Watkins) and looked to be the weapon that Cam Newton had needed for his entire career. He was good in college and good enough in the pros to be the 11th wideout taken in my fantasy football draft. Benjamin literally made the team’s life easier. Greg Olsen would get more space and less attention. Jonathan Stewart would have a passing threat to open up the run game. Cam Newton had someone that could actually succeed at the highest level of football.

Now? Devin Funchess, who kind of sucked at Michigan, will likely have to make up for a super talented player that led the team in receptions last year. Cam is going to have an issue with less to work with. Ditto Olsen, ditto Stewart. And now we get no Benjamin highlights. This sucks. The kid had moxie, dammit. Get better soon Kelvin.