Mmmmmmm, Cinnamon Bun Oreos


By: Connor Lenahan

It’s so cold. It’s so damn cold. The current temperature in the city of Boston is 20, but it feels like 6. I only operate as a human being when it’s above freezing, so this is unbelievable.


I’m probably going to go out to the grocery store about a third of a mile from my dorm in a few minutes because Oreo has done it again. Just when you think that this ridiculous running series/joke of articles about the new Oreo flavors is over WE DOUBLE STUFF AND KEEP GOING.

Cinnamon Bun flavor. Look, even though I’m excited about everything Oreo does, this flavor makes more sense than most. Cookie Dough Oreos are interesting, but you can’t fake cookie dough all that well. S’moreos? See, that you can do. Pumpkin? Who asked for that – ditto to Candy Corn. But Cinnamon Bun, with Icing Creme and Cinnamon cookies – that’s a quality cookie.

I haven’t had them, yet. But you’re sure as hell that I’m about to risk frostbite to hopefully find some. You know why? Because no less than three people alerted me to this news today. If I get an Oreo tattoo, you know why.

Off I venture, and should I not return, avenge my cookies.