I’ll Take Victory for $2000, Alex


By: Connor Lenahan

That’s Erin McLean, a graduate of Boston University and winner of the Jeopardy College Tournament a few years ago. Despite attending a school that carries with it a proud tradition of excellence in both academics and athletics, I would contend that Ms. McLean is one of our most impressive alumni. That’s because winning at Jeopardy is really, really hard.

But I’m ready to join our resident trivia expert in the hall of Jeopardy champions. I mince no words when saying that past champions including Ken Jennings and especially Brad Rutter are two of my absolute favorite people on Earth. Should the Jeopardy college test go well, I will soon be able to have “Champion” in common with both of them.

Yeah, so Jennings won 74 games straight and Rutter has never lost to a human opponent in route to winning the most money in the game’s history, so what?

I will study harder than I ever have for any academic assignment or final I have ever had if it means earning the respect of the beautiful, formerly-mustachioed Canadian delight of Sir Alex Trebek. (Note: Trebek has criminally not been knighted, for some reason.)

September 28th is the first step in a new journey of Daily Doubles and buzzer pressing. I’m ready. Bring on Potent Potables.